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Welcome to Our Model Shipwright And Research Group

Upon a chance introduction at the Military History Society of Rochester New York  in 2015 several like minded individuals, working through the Nautical Research Guild, were able to form our group.  We quickly realized we were an enthusiastic collection of ship modelers and researchers interested in the history and preservation of our maritime legacy in the age of sail and more.

Our club brings together members from near and far;  Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, Buffalo NY, Virginia, Florida and even Lisbon Portugal. We are from all walks of life, experience, endeavors with varied nautical interests making for a very dynamic group.


We draw in subject matter experts to enlighten us in the historical nature of naval and maritime craft, and their accurate modeling. Lately we have been priviledged to invite guest speakers from other orgnizations providing us with an even richer experience base. We utilize modern technologies, such as laser machining, as well as tried and true methods to construct some splendid models. It should be added we are of all skill levels and encourage new members with little or no modeling experience.

Now that we have adopted interactive connectivity through Zoom you are welcome to visit our monthly meetings. You may contact us through MEETINGS in the task bar above and we will be happy to invite you aboard. Please provide your email address when contacting us so we can provide the invite access.


Group and Individual Build Projects
Subject Matter Expertise
Mentoring for New Members
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