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Shop Notes

Shop Note: Resin Casting

The purpose of this shop note is to inform members of the Model Shipwright Guild of Western NY in an approach in the casting of resin parts for model restoration, improvement and scratch building.


Shop Note: Turning Masts and Bowsprits

As part of our strive to"lift all boats" we have begun a series of skill building sessions for our group. An introductory version was presented in January 2021. This update version presented June2021 includes tools and their use, accesories, planning ahead, a suggested methodology along with hints and tips for a successful outcome. 

Shop Note: Laser Machining

We have developed a process with a local vendor that enables a modeler to submit parts file to fabricate components that are either complex or tedious to produce by hand with consistent results. The attached shop note provides an overview for modelers.

Shop Note: CNC Router Machining

This is a deeper look into CNC milling as it applies not only to model ship building but is also applicable to any home/hobby projects. It is not intended to provide a reader with knowledge such that one can immediately proceed with a "turn key" solution. It is intended to give the reader a next layer view of what is involved to employ this technology.

Shop Note: Hull Planking Tutorial (Part 1)

In 2017 we began a shop note series dedicated to instructional methods on model ship building. The series begins with hull planking techniques. Part 1 focuses on the very basics and delves into the use of the planking graph, a clever graphic tool to enable lining off a hull and entry methodology to spiling. It draws on some very professional and shared knowledge available in the public domain.

Shop Note: Hull Planking Tutorial (Part 2)

Thanks to Bob Filipowski part 2 was presented as the final installation of this workshop. It includes great pictorials of the actual planking process and how to produce a superb result on any form of hull. 

Along with the text herein the master ship modeler Chuck Passaro has provided 3 videos on planking that one would find most valuable. They currently reside on Model Ship World within this section of his build thread.

Shop Note: Building Ship Cases

December 2016 this topic was covered in our monthly meeting. It describes case types, methods of construction, glass properties and other considerations in building museum type cases for models.

Shop Note: Making Realistic Flags

Bill Emerson one of our prolific scratch builders has developed a technique to create realistic flags for models of any scale. You should find his technique easy to follow and reproduce excellent results.

Shop Note: Painting Miniature Figures

Mike Vasile is a member of the Military History Society and is an expert miniature figure painter. He presented the procedure to our group in 2016. While he is interested in military figures for war games this treatment translates easily to model ship builders and diorama hobbyists alike.

Shop Note: Making Pintles and Gudgeons

Herein is a method of making pintles and gudgeons that are quite realistic and realively easy to make.

Shop Notes: Paints & Painting

There is an overwhelming array of information on model paints and painting to be found on the internet and manufacturers. Herein is a collection of excerpts from forums, how to articles, modelers web sites and manufacturer communications. This is a a holding place for information we will collect over time. In addition please refer to the Badger site for more references to Badger railroad and marine colors.

Shop Notes: Methods To Copper Hulls

This shop note and others to follow will provide modelers methodology in executing this difficult task. Two members are covered in what is hopefully an on going collection of "how to methods". The first note covers weathering as well.

We were fortunate to have another treatment on this subject from Bob Filowpowski from the Midwest Model Shipwrights. We have been given permission to post his work. Thank you Bob!


Shop Notes: Shapeways Requirements for 3D Printing

Here are 2 specification sheets from Shapeway in regard to 3D printing requirements. They include file types, size, structural requirements asociated with design and fabrication. 

1. The file types

2. If you visit the material page and select a specific material, you will find the design guideline requirements, as well as the material characteristics. I will also attach this information below.

Shop Notes: Brief On Sherline 5400 DRO Mill

A member's comments and thoughts on the Sherline Mill with Digital Read Out capability. The authors comments reflect the functionality, quality, extensibility and accessories of a well thought out product line.

Shop Notes: Scale Model Soldering Tutorial

This tutorial video is an excellent reference for soldering techniques that are valuable to the scale modeler. It covers tools, solder types, soldering paste and technique. The site is highly recommended.

Shop Notes: Making A Rigging Block Tumbler

This is a copy of a Model Ship World hobbyist from Australia that made his own rigging block tumbler. It is a well documented step wise process for anyone wishing to "fine tune" wooden rigging blocks of any size. In addition we will be adding a version of a tumbler made by one of our members in the near future.

Shop Notes: Model Ship Building References

The Model Ship world forum has been not only an inspiration but a wonderful source of information for our group. It is an invaluable tool of learning. It is anticipated that over time we will accumulate many references to aid us in terminology, structure and assembly of various elements of ship construction that apply to our model building needs. We are pleased to have permission to use a graphic developed by a member (Allen O.) of the Model Shipwrights of Niagara to start off this topic. We will continue to build on this fine start. 


Shop Notes: An Upgrade for the Brynes Table Saw

With the inclusion of a DRO device adapted to the Byrnes Table Saw one can improve effecency and accuracy with relatively little cost. The design herein is a spin off of a member of Model Ship World. This document includes a refined mounting method and speaks to improvements of the DRO application as well as results of testing.


Shop Notes: A Two Part Treatment on Rigging Techniques

In a recent session Bob Filipowski of the Mid West Model Shipwrights shared with us his techniques on rigging a 16th century man of war. His slides and narative covered some very practical yet precise ways of rigging that are quite useful no matter the period of sailing vessel. This has been segmented into two parts as the agragate is much too large for portability. One should find the slides quite understandable in standalone fashion. Some annotation has been added in certain places to facilitate the information.


Shop Notes: Blackening Metal Parts

Bob Filipowski of the Midwest Ship Modeler's group has generously provided our group with a recently updated video of his mehtods and materials to blacken metal parts successfully. If any of you folk have tried this process and not been satisfied with the results this tutorial's recommendations are sure to change your mind about the procedure.

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