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Bill's Gallery

Bill has few in his own collection, displaying them mainly in museums. Models can be found at the Smithsonian, Annapolis, Pensacola and other displays in and around Washington DC.

The USS Langley: First US Navy Aircraftcarrier

The USS Brooklyn

The USS Brooklyn

The USS Maine

The CSS Amphritite

The CSS Miami

The USS Langley in her new home: The Udvar Hazey Museum of the Smithsonian.

Civil War: USS Agawam

Scale: 1:48

Agawam is now on display at The Navy Yards in Hampton Roads

DSCN3647 cropped.we1.jpg
DSCN3672 (00000002).JPG

USS Birmingham; Scale 1:48, Scratch Build. First to Launch a plane from her deck


USS Ericsson; Scale 1:48. Scratch Build Torpedo Boat 1899

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