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Joe's Gallery

Client Commission RC Model 

Robbe Atlantis: Early Stage


Herself aft cabin detailed out
in boxwood and mahogany

The finished model in its new home and rechristened as "Herself". Scale 1:20


Herself forward cabin detailed out
in boxwood and mahogany

Cutter Cheerful has been planked, deck detail added and mast, bow sprit spars in the works, Cannon carriages in final stages of preparation. Scale 1:48


Recent restoration of 100 year old model of Laura Goulart Gloucester Fishing Schooner of 1921. Pond/Sailor's model Scale 1:24 


A rare model of a Florida Sharpie of 1899.completed by an unknown modeler. The model is scratch built from a drawing created by Howard Chapelle. In the process of repair. Scale 1:24

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